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Success Rate

As shown below, the success rate of IVF cycles in Al Hadi IVF Center is around 65% and increases to 85% in case of cumulative IVF cycles (two to three times repeat of the IVF cycle) also, this percentage increase in case of PGS to 70% since studying the genetic information prior to implantation increases the implantation. And also the success rate of cumulative PGS (two to three times repeat) increases to 90%.
IVF Success Rate per Embryo Transfer
Cumulative IVF Success Rate
PGS Success Rate per Embryo Transfer
Cumulative PGS Success Rate

What You Need to Know About IVF Results?

The question is why IVF success rate is 60-80% not 100%, even though the latest techniques are used and all conditions are followed.
In vitro fertilization (IVF)  is a process by which the eggs are aspirated and fertilized by sperms outside the uterus then when embryos form they are returned back. Many factors play an important role in decreasing or increasing the IVF success rate as these factors affect the quality of embryos and implantation rate.


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