Al Hadi IVF Center

Giving You the Gift of Life


In the heart of Beirut, Al Hadi IVF Center the leading center in Lebanon puts at your service the latest and yet most developed techniques in the region. Dr Chadi Fakih the founder of Al Hadi IVF Center with his years of fruitful experience tailored with his superior education, helped in conceiving thousands of babies by increasing couples’ fertility or by in vitro fertilization techniques thus giving the couples their gift of life.
Dr. Chadi Fakih is always up to date with the latest assisted reproductive techniques which come back with great results. Also Dr Chadi promises you honesty, hope and always giving you your suitable treatment with best results.
Al Hadi IVF is the first and only center in Lebanon that provides in-house genetic testing for aneuploidy and gender selection. Thus providing the patients with all services at a lower cost.
Al Hadi IVF founded in 2005 provided from day one all the support needed to keep the patients’ hopes. And as their hopes and satisfaction increased, our eager to serve them better increased. From the very first day we are developing ourselves the latest techniques and protocols to give the best results in the region and become the best IVF center in Lebanon!. 
Our Commitments
Foreign Patients Assistance
Honesty and Professionalism 
Support Till the End of Your Journey
Great Communication with our Patients
Doing Our Best to Guarantee Great Results
Always Being Up to Date to Provide you with the Best Techniques
Providing You the Best medical Services by a Highly Skilled Experienced Team

Dr. Chadi Fakih the founder of Al Hadi IVF Center

Our Schedule

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